Thursday, 30. May 2024 from 19.00 onwards

We invite you to join this extraordinary culinary adventure, which promises a multi-sensory journey that you won’t find anywhere else!

A gentle combo:

The delicate nuances of a modern wheat beer are perfectly complemented by the fluffy white mould of the cheese known as camembert. Everyone will like it, even non-experts.

  • Pelicon Walter W., light, American wheat beer, 5% alc., 200 ml
  • Golden Ring White Valley cheese, white mould cheese, aged 20 days

A classic combo:

The English style of pale ale finds a pair in the traditional notes of English cheddar cheese. The package comes with two variants of this cheese, the character of which goes well with the caramel notes of the beer.
  • Pelicon Yes Boss, amber, pale ale, 4,8 % alc., 200 ml
  • Sir Golden Ring Vipava Valley, cheddar, aged 6 months

A bold combo:
A hoppy double india pale ale pairs perfectly with the herbs in the cheese rind to create a bold herbal flavour. The hops also pair well with the umami notes of blue mould. This combo will be appreciated by both beer and culinary connoisseurs.

  • Pelicon Quantum, pale, double india pale ale, 8% alc., 200 ml
  • Golden Ring Burjaton Blue, cheese with blue song, aged 3 months
  • Sir Golden Ring Sinji Vrh, colby, herbed, aged 3 months

Price of the 3-course tasting menu: 19 EUR

And for those who want to go one step further, we’ve prepared a “dessert”:

The mighty combo (+8 EUR):

This intense, strong, dark beer with notes of whisky, wood and vanilla finds common denominators in aged cheeses. The intoxicating combination evokes notes of banana and chocolate, suitable for the bravest explorers.

  • Pelicon the Leaking Barrel Bourbon Stout 2021, dark, stout aged 12 months in bourbon whisky casks, 10,5 % alc., 200 ml
  • Sir Golden Ring Soft Valley, colby, 14 months old in kennel
  • Sir Golden Ring Soft Valley, Colby, aged in a cave 30 m underground, aged 25 months

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