Socialising with the best by VINAKOPER x DEGRASSI

Friday, 2. February at 19.00

We meet on Friday, 2. 19. for an evening of a unique musical experience with a tasting of the best
wines from the Vinakoper cellar, combined with the flavours of Istrian
culinary delights.
Under the guidance of Vinakoper’s chief oenologist Boštjan Zidar and oenologist Roko Jamnik, we will taste
selected Vinakoper wines; toasted with sparkling wine and then tasted among the first in Slovenia
the prestigious “supreme selection” of the renewed Capo d’Istria line, which will also be intertwined with the
wines from the gastronomic refreshed Capris range. Because wine comes alive with music, we will be bringing with us a promising
singer Anea Mlinar, who will add a special concert touch to the experience with her exceptional voice.

The event will be standing room only, an invitation card should be presented at the entrance.
Participation price including wine tasting, accompanying pairing snacks and finger food and music
performance is EUR 50,00.

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