We take care of your safety

Dear guests!

For you safety and protection, the staff of DeGrassi Boutique Hotel Garni prepared and implemented numerous hygienic and preventive measures. In doing so, we adhered to the recommendations of the Slovene National Institute for Public Health (NIJZ) as well as to the measures and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).



  • Only healthy employees are allowed to come to work – this is being checked daily.
  • Our employees are constantly being educated in accordance with internal educational programs of protection, hygiene and safety.
  • Employees have access to all the necessary protective equipment.
  • In case a guest or an employee starts showing signs of respiratory illness, we have suitable protocols that enable for testing and isolation of patients.



  • The distance between any two individuals in the line in front of the reception must always remain at least 1.5 m. Tables and chairs in the lobby should also remain at least 1.5 m apart.
  • There are contactless sensor-operated hand disinfectants at the reception and in the lobby.
  • We are constantly disinfecting the reception desks.
  • We are aerating several times a day.
  • We avoid using paper, pencils and various printed material as much as possible.
  • We advise you to use non-cash payments.
  • Upon entry, each guest is given a personal protection kit, which includes a protective face mask and disinfection handkerchiefs
  • Keys/key-cards for entry into the room are disinfected for each new guest, and they are presented to the guest in a safe way. Guests may also take advantage of the option of unlocking their room through an app on their phone.
  • We recommend that people walk the stairs individually, and coincidently, using the stairs also leads to better physical condition.


DeGrassi Boutique Garni Hotel rooms

  • We have identified 8 surfaces in the rooms (handles, hard surfaces, switches, air-conditioning control device, bed and safe, TV remote, bathroom), with which guests come into contact most often, and we take additional care to intensively clean and disinfect these.
  • Each guest may decide that no-one is to enter their room during their stay. In this case, we advise the guest to regularly aerate their room.
  • We have removed all decorative elements on padded furniture and beds.
  • During cleaning, we regularly aerate the rooms.
  • In addition to washing at high temperatures, we also disinfect towels and bathrobes.


Aperitivo bar

  • Tables in bars are at least 1.5 m apart.
  • We have limited the number of guests allowed in the bars..
  • The necessary safety distance between individuals waiting to enter our restaurants and bars is at least 1.5 m.
  • There are contactless sensor-operated hand disinfectants in front of the entry to the bar.
  • We regularly disinfect all common surfaces, tables and chairs as well as machines for pouring drinks.
  • Breakfast is prepared and served in accordance with strict safety protocols.
  • Meals are also offered as room-service meals or as lunch-packages that guests may take with them.
  • Dishes, cutlery and tabletops are washed and disinfected in the suitable machines.


Events and meetings

  • We limited the capacities of areas for events and meetings, so that all chairs are at least 1.5 m away form other chairs in every direction.
  • If the area allows for it, we ensure a two-directional flow of people, and paths are designated by signs, while we designate separate entries and exits with labels.
  • We regularly disinfect all surfaces that people often touch in areas where events and meetings take place: handles, desks, railings, tables and chairs.
  • We regularly disinfect all technical equipment that comes in touch with different users (microphones, laptops, presenters etc.). We issue technical equipment to our customers in a sealed bag, as a sign the equipment had been cleaned and disinfected.
  • We regularly aerate each area during breaks.
  • Food is prepared and served in accordance with strict safety protocols. We have adapted the contents of served items during breaks and standing buffets in such a way that the contents come in “mono-portions” and are served by our staff.
  • We limited the capacities of the bar, wine cellar, terrace and lobbies intended for banquets to ensure at least 1.5 m of distance between guests.


Safely together

Every individual can do a lot to take care of the safety of themselves as well as those around them. Therefore, we would like to ask you that, while you are staying with us, you adhere to the recommendations of the medical experts:

  • The distance between any two individuals must always remain at least 1,5 m.
  • Wash your hands with soap on a regular basis If water and soap are not available, use the disinfectant containing alcohol.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Follow the hygiene rules regarding coughing and sneezing.
  • Close personal contact (i.e. handshakes, hugs) increase the possibility of infection.
  • Wearing protective face masks is recommended.

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