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Slovenian Istria is rich in stories, awesome nature and excellent food. It combines all of that into authentic and picturesque experiences. So, let us present to you some of our favourite ones. As it is our wish to offer you only that, which has been tested and which we believe will make a lasting impression on you.

Discover the secrets of Izola

This small sea-side town with a rich history and strong connection to fishing and stories of its surroundings is inviting you to discover it. Discover stories of the sea, green hills, Istrian cuisine and traditional events.

Check out our favourite spots in Izola.

Roman tastes under the stars

Travel two thousand years into the past. Step into the genuine Roman triclinium (room for eating meals) before sundown (which will greatly enhance your experience), and allow the caretaker of the luxurious Antique residence to surprise you with a tasty meal from Roman times. This great experience for food-lovers who value cultural heritage is waiting for you at the Archaeological Park San Simon. The Roman dinner is available for booking from May until September.

Truffle hunt

Do you know truffles – for years now, they have been deemed a special aphrodisiac. A truffle gatherer and her dog will open the doors to the world of truffles for you and reveal its secrets. Together, you will set off into the forest, where you will search for this wonderfully-smelling tuber among the tree roots. After that, you will be treated to traditional Istrian pasta fusi with truffles and a glass of wine by a local wine-maker.

Pampering at Lepa Vida

Slovenian Istria is home to one of the most beautiful natural and cultural gems of Slovenia – Sečovlje Salina Natural Park. The salt-pans are home to an old tradition of salt production, which has been creating and preserving the unique salt-pan landscape since the Middle Ages. And it is inside this natural gem that Thalasso SPA Lepa Vida is located, which will bring you a special experience of traditional thalassotherapies in a unique natural environment – in the middle of the salt-pans and by using natural products gathered around the park. The park is open during summer.

An Unforgettable Day at the Fish Farm

Family Fonda is offering you the possibility of a tour around their sea farm, which they are tending to with a mixture of genuine passion and love. The fish farm is also located at the Sečovlje Salina Natural Park, and it offers an unforgettable experience of pristine tastes to those who like the sea, the sun and sea-food. You will get to know why the Piran European bass from the Fonda Fish Farm is so special and highly praised. We will show you all the secrets – from the selection of young fish to food for the fish and manual feeding as well as the extensive care for the environment and healthy growth of generations of the Piran European bass

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